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Homeflow is a series of research-based modules designed to simplify your home living situation.  It’s about how the home “flows” together as a unit comprised of a dwelling, its occupants, and the property and community in which it’s located. Homeflow’s goal is to keep your household’s bucket (revenues) as full as possible by minimizing leakages (expenses).

Homeflow explores the relationships between the health of the home and its occupants, communications between home occupants, home maintenance and operation, energy and functional efficiency, and home safety routines and practices.

The degree to which these relationships within the home flow smoothly together varies according to how family members get along, the routines they maintain within the home, and how willing and able a home’s occupants are to engage their community. High degrees of homeflow will save time and money, and build stronger families and communities.

Homeflow programming is based on scientific research and is founded on a perspective of strengths rather than deficits.  By focusing on family, community, and cultural strengths, individuals, families, couples, and children can be empowered to make changes that will improve homeflow and subsequent well-being.  The strongest families and relationships are created when the most factors intersect.

  • Randall A. Cantrell, PhD, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Housing and Community Development, UF/IFAS Extension, Family, Youth, and Community Sciences.
  • Victor W. Harris, PhD, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Family and Youth Development, UF/IFAS Extension, Family, Youth, and Community Sciences.
  • Sarah M. Ellis, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Faculty, UF/IFAS Extension Citrus County.

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